About Us

Shanti Institute of Technology & Pharmacy is one of the premier Pharmacy Colleges in North India which imparting quality pharmaceutical education. Shanti Institute of Technology & Pharmacy is built in synchronization with the vision given by this great statesman. Shanti Institute of Technology & Pharmacy is one of the best Pharmacy College in Meerut. He is visionary and has got extensive experience in education sector. Shanti Institute of Technology & Pharmacy in Meerut offers Direct Admission in D.Pharma Second year. The college is well connected from meerut and near by areas by rail and road. It is earliest endeavor of the institute to consolidate the present system of technical education, revitalize its cost curriculum and to rejuvenate the motivations to pursue pharmacy education and research so that students of the college are known for their competence and caliber of world standards. The college firmly believes that education is incomplete without discipline, The institution is confident in making a wholesome person out of the student only by instilling in him discipline which would go to foster a high degree of righteousness in and around him. Accordingly, a disciplinary committee monitors the discipline of the institution. The student recruitment and admission office strives to provide the Pharmacy Admission Committee with a qualified and diverse applicant pool.

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